dewatering box liner for sludge dewatering boxes in canada

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Dewatering Box Liners


Dewatering Box Liners enable the liquid and solid separation of various sludge waste utilizing a dewatering container or sludge box, a modified roll-off, or any other custom container.


dewatering box filter in canada ready to be filled with waste

dewatering box filter in canada with dewatered sludge waste ready for transport

A Dewatering Box Liner provides an on-site, to disposal, solution for all of your dewatering needs.

dewatering box liner in canada being filled with sludge waste

Typical Dewatering Applications

  • Municipal sludges

  • Industrial sludges

  • Paint sludges

  • Cooling tower sludges

  • Tank sludges

  • Drilling muds and frac sands

  • Storm drains and ditches

  • Sump cleaning sludges

Dewatering Box Liner Features

  • Provides on-site waste minimization

  • Often reduces need for solidification agents

  • The solidified waste is ready for disposal

  • Reduced waste weight provides lower disposal fee

  • Provides reduced washout costs

  • Quick and easy installation

dewatering box liners in canada on-site

canadian dewatering box liners on-site dewatering of sludge waste

Standard or Custom

Standard dewatering box liners fit standard dewatering containers including:

  • 20yd containers

  • 25yd containers

  • 30yd containers

  • Turbo "W" style phase separators

  • Hoppers

  • Vac boxes

Dewatering Box Liners can also be custom manufactured to work with existing filter boxes designed for your particular application.

Material Options

geotextile dewatering cloth for dewatering box liners in canada


200 micron and 250 micron screen filter for dewatering box liners in canada

Screen Mesh

knit mesh for dewatering box liners in canada

Knit Mesh

Using various non-woven geotextile cloths, screens, knit, and bio-degradable materials, dewatering liners can be custom manufactured to meet your specific waste stream requirements.